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Global Media Intrigued as Oryx Comes out of Stealth

The unveiling of Oryx Vision has generated lively interest in the global media. The company’s announcement about its round A financing and coming out of stealth mode attracted coverage of the some on the world’s leading publications.

In a major article, Forbes’ Alan Ohnsman interviewed Oryx’s CEO Rani Wellingstein, who said that “Autonomous vehicles need much more powerful depth-sensing capabilities than what was originally thought. Traditional LiDAR is not good enough. You need completely different technology”. That view was confirmed in the article by Akhilesh Kona, an automotive semiconductor analyst for IHS Markit.


The Oryx team

The story was also picked up by other technology and auto sites, like Optics.org and  Geektime, as well by French and Russian publications.

Much attention was given to Oryx by the Iaraeli media. The Marker highlighted the pressing need for a long range, high resolution depth vision. The piece explained how treating light as a wave rather than a particle – like Oryx does – may bring the breakthrough the industry is waiting for. Calcalist also stressed the shortcoming of existing solutions for autonomous vehicle depth vision. It explained how Oryx’s technology would extend the range and increase the resolution of the car’s depth sensing. In a later story, Calcalist named Oryx as one of the key companies that develop radars for autonomous vehicles. Globes, for its part, focused on Oryx’s major round A fundraise.